About Us

Our Purpose:   Awakening and Elimination of Unhappiness

Bhante Saccānanda is the abbot of Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center, New York. He is the guide for the on-site residential retreats. He teaches Mettᾱ Karunᾱ Muditᾱ Upekkhᾱ (M.K.M.U) which uses the “Mindfulness of Lovingkindness” practice (otherwise known as the practice of the Brahma Vihāra) for the journey to Nibbāna. Little known fact but verifiable in the suttas is that the practice of Mettᾱ, as part of the larger Brahma Vihāra practice, will take you to all the way through the Divine Abidings to the moment of awakening – Nibbāna – where a transformation of mind takes place.  Happiness arises as the burden of the ego melts away. Bhante talks about the benefits of using Mettᾱ here.