Bhante Saccānanda

About Bhante Saccānanda

Bhante Saccānanda is a Bangladeshi Buddhist monk, born in the Cox Bazār district of Bangladesh in 1981. After completing an I.Sc (Intermediate of Science) at the Noapara Degree College, he went to Myanmar in order to study Buddhism at the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU). He received novice ordination in 2001 and higher ordination in 2002 from ITBMU under most Venerable Dr. Kumarabhivamsa Sayadaw, pro-rector of ITBMU.

One year later, he received his Diploma and after two years, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Buddhist studies with grade A+ honors from ITBMU. He then entered the University of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya, Bangkok, Thailand, where he obtained the M.A degree. His M.A thesis is written in English and published as: “The Analytical Study of the Origin and the Development of Buddhism in Cox’s Bazār, Bangladesh.”

In 2008, he came to New York, the United States of America as a missionary monk. He was an abbot of the ‘Bangladesh Buddhist Vihara of New York’ at 112 Street, Richmond Hill, New York. Apart from Sangha administrative work, he is one of Bangladesh’s scholar monks and the author of two books on Buddhism.

He stayed six years at Wat Jotanaram in the Bronx together with Venerable Kandaal who is extremely kind monks and helped Bhante Saccānanda to stay in New York. Under Bhante Vimalaramsi (Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center) in Annapolis, MO he studies more about Meditation.

Bhante Saccānanda now established a Meditation Center in Queens New York named “Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center, Inc.” for the benefit and welfare of children and lay-devotees.