There are a few ways you can offer Dana or pay for your retreats; make online Retreat Donations, including financial contributions to help BVMC to continue its Dhamma Project work. Use the links below for the option you need.


If you wish to send in a donation by check – Make out to:

Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center” or “BVMC”

And mail it to:

Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center
36-16 9th Street, Apt#1
Long Island City, NY 11106

2. Use the Online store to pay for your retreat or make a donation and now Gift Certifcates
(Store uses paypal system but you can enter a credit/debit card – just continue. No accounts to set up.

Paypal converts most currencies. Use the special instructions link once you are logged in to tell us the reason for your payment.  Paypal is accepted in many countries.  Credit Cards accepted.

3. PAYPAL-  Use this link to make miscellaneous donations in any amount to support our Dhamma work.  Please add a note in the reference field to tell us what the donation is for, if you wish to designate it for a certain purpose, or leave it open to support operations. We will confirm your payment in 24 hrs.  Recurring monthly donations can be set up by ticking that box.



There are other Kinds of Long Term support Options that can be considered.

If you have a question regarding the transfer of stocks, bonds, or any other types of holdings OR you would like to leave a portion of a will, form a Trust, or transfer any other form of Beneficiary policies into the name of BVMC to help secure the future support for this Dhamma work, then you need to contact either Bhante Saccānanda by email at to help address your needs.

All such donations provide future stability for the Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center in its effort to research, practice, preserve, and teach the early SuttavadinBuddha Dhamma and is for future benefit of all beings to find relief from suffering.
May the merit of your gift help you to attain Nibbana!


 Offer a DANA meal:

If you would like to donate a meal at the monastery please contact Bhante Saccānanda to set up a date in Advance. It is nice to make this happen on a weekend when you can come visit the gardens and also have a meal on the porch overlooking the Meditation Center and Temple. There are paths to walk and places to sit in various areas and you may take time to do meditation in the main Hall.

Offer a Gift card to help support the center:

Another way to offer Dana support is to send a paid Gift Card for supplies through or for use at Walmart for center supplies. This has helped support the center during the Rains Retreats in the past. You may mail such gift cards directly to

Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center
36-16 9th Street, Apt#1
Long Island City, NY 11106

Can I arrange time to help at the center in some way?
Please contact Bhante Saccānanda at BVMC- or by call 646-600-0385